Lean Management Strategies Ltd is an organization that was formed to provide assistance to Leaders of Business or Organizations that have reached a personal watershed with Lean. They are now certain that their business must use Lean as its enduring competitive advantage and realize that to achieve this they must lead.  To succeed they intend to take a personal stake in leading the transformation to make Lean thinking and behaviours a permanent and systemic building block for the growth of their business and the value sets of the people who make it what its is and what it can become.


Seeing the Strategy

All of the tools that we understand today and are well described within the Lean Tool Box, can be seen in a different light when evaluated from this new management perspective (It creates an imperative that exists alongside of and woven into a Customer Value focused organization)

how to capture, use and build upon, in the shortest lead time, whatever has been learnt today from the execution of today’s work.

Each tool can be seen to be part of the larger management intent to highlight and bring to the attention of the management process the knowledge exposed as a bi-product of today’s efforts.